How to eat right

To overweight people, eating is not a fun thing to do anymore, especially when they have to calculate the intake calories almost every day. Some foods are really easy to calculate, some are not because they are mixed dish with so many ingredients and each of them has its own nutrition value. However, doing something is better than doing nothing.

So as to have a better health and prevent risks and diseases from obesity, knowing about nutrition value and calories intake is very essential. In fact, it’s not difficult at all if you know some basic steps and formulas. It might be quite complex at first but once you can apply it to your everyday meals; it would not be a problem anymore. Also in this post, we will introduce some effective methods to reduce the unhealthy factors in your daily foods.

Calculate cholesterolBasically, regardless of cooking methods, we have 3 types of meals:

  • Single ingredient meals
  • Recipes and mixed dishes
  • Full meals

They differ from each other in terms of ingredients, nutrition value and calories intake. If you want to calculate them specifically, you might see this post helpful since it will provide precise formula as well as suggestions for each type of meal. Building a healthy diet is not a job for nutritional specialists anymore.

  1. Single Ingredient Meals

We should begin with something simple. People who are in diet must be familiar with single ingredient meals which you make with one main ingredient and some additional spices. You can cook with different styles as long as you can calculate the amount of ingredient you use. With the nutritional value, most types of food can be found in the USDA’s National Nutrient Database. It can be described as the food library where are you can look up for almost any information about an ingredient.

Single ingredient

For example, if you are preparing the chicken breast, follow these steps:

  • Search for the nutrient value of chicken breast in the website of USDA National Nutrient Database.
  • With chicken breast section, you can see several options. Each one is a type of chicken breast such as meat with/without skin,… and the way people cook them. it can be boiled, roasted or grilled. Make the best choice with your meat.
  • Type the weight in and look for the results. The unit is in a gram so you should not put it in other volumes.

With other types of food such as liquid or powder, change the value to cups. You can find most of the basic food types on this website.If the food is weighed by oz, you should make a change to gram before calculating to get the best result.

  1. Recipes

This would be a little bit tricky because you have to know exactly the ingredients used in one recipe. That’s the reason why you should have a sample of the recipe in a form of an MS Excel table for later uses. You can find the sample table just by searching online.

The spreadsheet can be used for calculating the amount of energy and nutrition for a mixed dish. All you need to do is find the right dish, if it’s not displayed, you can make a simple input and determine the number of serving. After that, follow the steps in the first section about individual food so that you can add up to the whole dish.

How to eat right

Don’t forget about the cooking methods. They can change your dishes for the better or worse. You shouldn’t make use of too much oil so that the calculation would not be correct.

  1. Full meals

Similar to the way you calculate each dish, a full meal is where you combine all the dishes together. It can be fish with chips, curry, pork and rice… according to your appetite and how good your cooking skills are. A full meal can be simple or complicated, but they all share the same way of calories intake calculation. Follow steps below to have the exact result:

  • Make sure you can find the exact names of the ingredients and recipes as well as a number of serving. If the system doesn’t recognize the dishes, try to make primary data.
  • Check the list for the exact calories intake as well as nutrient values.
  • The spreadsheet now will sum all of the numbers up and then show the results.

Now you have the key of calories intake calculation, what would you do next?

How To Change Your Eating Habits For Better Health?

  • CHANGE YOUR COOKING METHODS. If you are a person who loves eating baked and grilled food with full of oil and grease seasoning, you might want to make two major changes. First of all, you might want to reduce the amount of oil used in your food. It can be done easily because it won’t affect the taste of your food at all. The other one is about the cooking appliances. Some of them might be too old and the functions would not work properly. Buying best gas grills for outdoor BBQ or a new baker can help you improve the way your food is being cooked and make the healthier.

Gas grill

  • EAT MORE VEGETABLES. To many people, this might seem pretty hard because they are meat – lovers and they only care about how much meat they can have, and no vegetables at all are still fine. The truth is vegetable is a precious source of vitamin, mineral and especially fiber. If you want to keep your digest system operates properly and stay in shape, the vegetable is a must.
  • BUILD HEALTHY DIET. According to many studies, people who are aware of their diet and have a proper control over what they eat every day have a longer lifespan and encounter fewer diseases when they get older. In fact, healthy diets can also help you to enjoy the food more without being overweighed. Junk food and fast food are quite tempting. You don’t have to get rid of them completely, just eat it responsibly and listen to your body.

Changing your eating habit is investing in your life.