Write down your goals

Your body is a structure that needs to be improved on a daily basis. If not, there would be high chance it can’t bear the pressures of work and other activities. Creating diet plan and doing exercises are common ways of people to improve your physical health and escape from the burdens of work. However, before doing anything, you should ask yourself an important question: What is your diet goal?

It is a simple question, but answering it is such a challenging task for anyone. The real meaning of the dieting goal is to determine the purposes that you would achieve in the future so that you can have a motivation to move on and keep up with your plans. A diet goal is the figures and standards that you would try your best to have, and it fits your body and your training.

Set up clear Diet goal

Basically, there are many different answers for the question about diet goal, for example:

  • Lose or gain weight
  • Lose fat
  • Build muscles
  • Be healthy

They are just some common reasons for you to think of a diet and build up your physical strength. In fact, your own diet goal should be a little bit more specific than that. If you are overweight, you should know how heavy you are, try to estimate the percent of fat that you should reduce in your body and have a better look at your current meals every day. The more specific your goal could be, the more effective can it provide to your body training and improving sessions.

Building Your Diet Goal Based On Your Body’s Requirements

The main answers to the questions about your diet goal will heavily decide the aspects that you have to focus on when listing the diet components.

Write down your goals

To each person, based on the age, sex, shape and current health condition, there would be more than 10 goals needing to be covered so as to be in shape. However, no one can follow exactly what he or she wants. That’s the reason why we should group some of them into groups so that we can have a comprehensive look at our problems.

  • Loss and Reduce
  • Maintain and Improve
  • Build and Gain
  • Combine

They are 4 general groups of diet goal based on the desires of the majority of people who want to have good health and nice body. Through these categories, we will go through each of them in detail so as to know the basic components for a good diet.

Loss and Reduce

First of all, if you are a person who is in this group, you have to work quite hard if you want to achieve the most important goal: Losing fat.

I know that knowing the weight is vital, but even if you just need to reduce 10 pounds or have to work really hard to release yourself out of 100 pounds, you are still in the same group of diet goal. In addition, no matter who are you, male or female, old or young, you need to reduce your weight to be in good shape and healthy.

Loss and Reduce

Moreover, with many people whose weight or shape are quite good, reducing something else such as belly fat, the purposes are the same.

There is a term that we should reconsider: “weight loss”. You might think that all you need is lose your weight, but have you ever known about the component of the body that you are going to train with the dieting goal? Sometimes it is not the fat itself because muscle fat is also a kind of overweight. That’s the reason for you not to use the term “weight loss” all the time when referring to the action and diet with the purpose of reducing your body’s weight. A replacement for this should be “fat loss”.

In other articles, we will dig deeper into this part and know more about the reason of being overweight so as to solve the problem in the easiest way without wasting too much time and money.

Build and Gain

This one is the opposite side in comparison with the “Lose and Reduce” group.

People in this group don’t have their desired weight. If you are too thin to be fashionable, or too weak to use your muscles in even simple work, or you just need to put some flesh to look “fit”, you all are still in this group together.

Basically, people would like to gain weight by building muscles instead of fat, but in some cases, we need both to ensure a healthy body as well as other health reasons.

People in this group doesn’t need to do much on training sessions as the opposite group, but their diet must be followed strictly in order to gain weight as well as guarantee the amount of energy and calories on a daily basis.

We have written many articles about building muscles and fat, so if you are a little bit underweighted, search for them to know your exact diet goals.


There are more than these two groups that I need to mention about, but basically, you will fall in these two most of the time. That’s the reason why we have to know about them first before moving to the others: “Maintain and Improve” and “Combine”. In fact, knowing about your body is one of the most important factors when deciding your diet goal. Therefore, you should spend at least 1 or 2 weeks to test all your abilities as well as physical strengths.

Let’s give out your best so as to be in good shape as well as looking for the best method to keep your health at the best status!