The healthy foodsYou are looking for a healthy, balanced diet, right? Well, to get this one, it recommends that you ought to add 5 following foods in your diet list. It makes sure that you will feel a great taste as well as you will also avoid a couple of diseases. In fact, you cannot find any foods that have the ability to resist the illness. Accordingly, a moderate diet along with the nutritious is very vital when saying to a healthy life.

Yes, most people agree that moderate eating and regular exercising will bring a healthy body. Right now, we will learn what food are good for your diet. Let’s go!!!

A Healthy, Balanced Diet only with 5 Foods

#1. The High-Fiber Foods

It means that you need to add rye, oats, and barley to your diet. According to the doctors, oats have the ability to reduce cholesterol. Similarly, rye also has that benefit. It is noticed that rye contributes to decrease cholesterol in an efficient way for men – a recent study related to Nutrition that Finnish researchers have found. Aside from that, based on what the American Diabetes Association shared, type 2 diabetes are also prevented by fiber – cholesterol and blood glucose levels (the cause of diabetes) are lower due to the ingredients in rye.

Fiber – rye

Exactly, the USDA – U.S. Department of Agriculture recognizes that eating dietary fiber will help reduce the cholesterol intake as well as the risk related to the weight; especially, there are diabetes and heart disease. For barley, you can cook like rice and potatoes, or process for casseroles, soups, or stews. Instead of purchasing rye bread, you can mix whole wheat with rye and add little crackers. So good!

Indeed, a high-fiber diet including grains, fruits, or veggies is good for health, Dr. Peter Shields – Cancer Researcher at OSUCCC said.

 #2. Soy

According to the FDA, coronary heart disease can be minimized by the rich-protein foods like soy. It is known that we are able to decrease the risk of the heart issue, by supplying 25gr of soy per day. Soy can be found in milk, tofu burgers, and soy meat. Apart from the mentioned benefit, soy is still considered as a strong protection to against prostate cancer and breast cancer. In the fight with obesity, soy plays an important role that provides fiber, vitamins, protein, and minerals.

#3. Salmon & Some of Other Fish

Katherine Tallmadge – Nutritionist/ Dietitian has explained that wild salmon an ideal food not only because it is delicious but also due to it is good for you. Accurately, inflammation in your body (the cause leads to the heart problems) is cut. Aside from the source of vitamin D, omega-3 in salmon helps keep your heart and brain in a healthy stage.


Based on the recommendation of the American Heart Association, we ought to eat oily fish twice a week. Thanks to omega-3 fatty acids and the source of rich vitamin D in this oily fish, it is appreciated good for the prevention of atherosclerotic plaque, heart disease, and triglyceride levels. If you are under 70 years old, you will only need 3.5 ounces of filled salmon – it makes sure that the vitamin intake (360 IUs) is supplied for a long day.

*Note: It should know that a couple of oily fish like tuna or swordfish can affect your nervous system, especially with the children and pregnant women because of the mercury ingredient in them.

#4. Red Wine

Although it says that red wine is one of the nutritional drink without alcohol, you need to drink it in a moderate way. For men, it is about 10 ounces per day while it is only about 5 ounces for women. Would you like to drink wine to keep health? Well, the best is to choose red grapes because it is good 10 times in comparison with white grapes. In general, most doctors admit that red wine is good when drinking in moderation – other alcoholic drinks are difficult to have.

Red grapes better

With the useful ingredient in the red wine – polyphenols – the antioxidants, the lining of blood vessels in your heart are protected. Another antioxidant in red wine – resveratrol is also considered as a vital ingredient in order to protect the blood vessels from the risk. Aside from that, the bad cholesterol is minimized and the blood clots are prevented. So good! As known, two main causes of cardiovascular disease are inflammation and clotting. Looking at the current studies, this mentioned antioxidant has the ability to prevent both.

Nonetheless, with these benefits, it means that you can drink it in preference because the studies also show that any alcohol (involving wine) has the capacity of increasing the breast cancer. A recent research found that risk will not occur when we drink in moderation.

#5. Green Tea

Another beverage with antioxidants helps avoid the risk of cancers – green tea. In Japan, women with breast cancer including stage I and II (nearly 500) who drank a lot of green tea before and after they had surgery had cancer recurrence at a lower level. Based on Chinese studies, in comparison with the patients don’t drink green tea, those who drank it have the lower rate of prostate, stomach, colorectal cancer, esophageal, and pancreatic.

green tea

If you want to lose weight, green tea will be useful for you because it helps reduce the fat intake in the body. In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it mentioned that energy expenditure will be increased by the extract from green tea. In additional, fat oxidation is also affected a significant manner.

It is necessary that you must determine how much you should drink. It recommends that you ought to drink from 3-6 cups per day. It can utilize loose tea or bags. Importantly, bought tea has been brewed. We share a crucial information for you – many studies related to the benefits of green tea are made on animals. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have the data on humans. Accordingly, you won’t likely find claims on the products because the Food and Drug Administration is sufficient the evidence.

In brief, we believe that this article will support you in the daily diet. Now, you knew what things are good for your health. Let’s eat healthily right now, instead of having bread from best rated toaster oven – a fast meal.